Can You Make Yourself Happy?

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happinessHave you asked this question to yourself?

Honestly, I have never asked this question in a real sense. I have never forced myself to find the real sense of this question. I may have asked this question in the time of sadness or maybe when I was feeling low on a certain day, But never forced myself to do the things which are necessary to make me happy and joyful.

Many would ask, why am I need to keep myself in a happy and joyful state?

That’s a great question.

All of us have arrived in this world with some inherent qualities and happiness is one of them. However, after few years when we align ourselves with the culture around us (Mostly from our parents), we forget the basis of being happy and joyful. Our parents always seem to be hustling within this competitive world to make us alive and fulfill basic necessities of our life. They don’t care whether they are happy or not and we as children see our parents in this emotional state right from the start of our understanding about this world and culture.

We follow the same and do the same and in many cases achieve the same level of happiness and emotional state as our parents. This situation can change though with consciousness about our own happiness in our daily lives.

Being happy and a joyful emotional state brings more joy and circumstances to become more happy and joyful. This happens because of our happy frequencies. We align ourselves with other happy frequencies and get more of these situations. This is the reason all law of attraction experts suggests that happiness and being grateful brings more happiness.

How to be happy? Need some tips?

Top 3 Things: (As per my experience)

  1. Make a list of things (Minimum 10 things) which makes you more happy and joyful. e.g. Meditation, playing, singing and do more of these things on a daily basis without fail. I would suggest starting doing meditation along with other joyful activities.
  2. Start your day with sincere thanks to almighty for giving us what we have achieved till now. E.g. your ability to see the world through your own eyes is one of the greatest gifts if you just compare with someone who has lost their eyes.
  3. Put a conscious effort to make others happy. This is the most powerful way to make yourself happy. If you’re making someone happy, you first need to be in a happy state yourself.

Thanks for reading this article. Try using these tips on a daily basis in your own lives and share your experience by commenting here.



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