Hard Work or Smart Work?

Do you work hard or work smart? This topic may have been in the debate among many of us whether we should work harder to have any kind of success or happiness. Some believe it’s the leverage in today’s modern world, which is an ultimate keyword to ensure success of not only yours but to […]

How to Be Positive in Life & Business in Tough Times

Are you going through a tough phase in your business and life? If yes, then this article may help you in overcoming this current situation effectively and positively. We all know the importance of staying positive and keeping the right attitude when things are going tough. If you’re someone who can manage your attitude in […]

Tony Robbins – 30 years of stuttering, cured in 7 minutes!

Nothing to say…Honestly. Just watch this video for an amazing success story. Thanks Robbins…For being there in my life time. Your videos are going to be timeless for years to come. The life like yours are the one which i can truly say well worth. You are a god gift to this humanity.

Never Give Up! – Go Get It..

As Human being, We are the best in this universe. We have been made to achieve phenomenal success in our life times. Many of us trying very hard to achieve that success for which we are here on this earth. In the process of achieving something significant we go through various ups and downs and […]

10 Reasons – You Should Never Apply For A Job

This is my opinion….Let me re-emphasize these words…This is my opinion….It may hurt majority population who are doing a day job, But again Its my opinion, one should never get a job or even apply for a job. Even though, I was working in a multinational corporation for almost 14 years. Why is it so? […]