How to Choose Your Response in Your Day to Day Life Situations?

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Have you ever found that you don’t know about your reaction or response to a particular situation of your life. I am sure, you have already be in that situation many times over. However, you will be happy to know the method which I apply in answering this question.

So, How to choose your response or your reaction to your daily life situations?

Consider one situation…

One of your friend is cribbing about one of your other friend. In recent past you are also not very happy with the relationship with that other friend of your. What you will do…I am again sure that you will agree with the cribbing of your friend who is right now with you. you will say one or two harsh sentences as well to support his or her logic.

In this situation, your response will be very emotional and very quick. But at night, when everybody is sleeping and you are in the bed as well, waiting for your goodnight sleep, you will remember those harsh words and will start a chain of negative thoughts. I am sure that you will not be happy either with you or with your feelings about your friend.

Now, answer my one question…

Do you really need to respond like you responded? Does it really matter to you, what others is doing as far as your near or your log term goal is concerned?

If you answer this question with honesty, you will agree with me that 99 out of 100 situation. You will not be agree with your harsh remarks.

So, what is the method of choosing your response?

Be clear about Goal….

Before giving any response to any life situations or even your word of mouth….think….and decide whether this particular response of mine which i am going to give have really any relevance with my short term or long term goals of your life?

Always remember, Responsibility=The ability to choose your response.

Be response+able…to your Goal and your words….Be confident that you are human…who can choose your own response as per your life’s grandest goal or purpose.

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