Do You Need Personal Freedom? What are the Limiting Factors for Personal Freedom?

personal freedom

Now, I will not ask this question again about your desire for personal freedom. I am sure that we all want to enjoy personal freedom and want to live flexible life. However, the sad part of the life is that we normally feel that it is unachievable. But i can happily say this to you that it is not true and you can achieve personal freedom rather easily.

personal freedomPersonal freedom is one of the most important requirements for being successful and personal growth. It is also responsible for the happiness you are enjoying. It gives you courage to follow your dreams. It removes the stress in your life. It also gives you the ability to live your life as you like, whatever you want to feel, whatever the situation you are in.

So, what are the limiting factors for personal freedom?

1)      Fear?
2)      Lack of self respect?

Yes! Above and many other emotional factors are responsible for limiting your image of personal freedom.

Then what should be done to Achieve Personal Freedom?

Consider one situation. If someone calls you fat, then what will be your feeling for yourself and for that person?

Right! It’s obvious, that you will not feel good not for yourself and not even for other person. However the truth of the fact is that this person is reacting as per their own feelings and beliefs about the word fat. This person has sent you negative vibrations to you and if you want to absorb it personally then you are responsible for taking that negativity into your life. If you are ready to receive the ill feelings of someone for something then that ill feeling will certainly become yours. However, that can easily be changed just by not taking it personally.

When other person is happy, he or she will praise you. That should not be the reason for your own happiness. In the same way that if someone is not in good mood, it is almost certain that he or she again can say you that they don’t like you. Now, even in this scenario you should not take it personally and feel hurt.

Here, if you really want an authentic guide on personal freedom then I will recommend reading one of the best sellers guide available till date on personal freedom.
Take a Look at “The Four Agreements”: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)

This guide has been written by Don Miguel Ruiz who has devoted more than three decades to impart his wisdom to the society.

So what are the four agreements, about which the author is talking about?

1)      Be Honest with your word – Speak with Integrity
2)      Do not take anything personally – Immune to the opinions and actions of others
3)      Do not make assumptions – Ask Questions, When You are not sure about anything in life.
4)      Always Do Your Best – Don’t Judge yourself, simply do your best under any circumstances.

Take a Look at “The Four Agreements”: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)


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