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Do you know that you devote much more time to cure your own shortcomings than your own strengths?

I am sure that if you give some thought on this question then you will ultimately agree with me that yes, you spent much more energy and focus on your shortcomings than the strengthening of your inherent core strengths.

Let’s suppose that you are not very good at math as a subject; however you are in a position where you are being forced to do good work with the numbers. What you think about this situation? Can you do it with highest amount of quality? Again I am sure that you will be agreeing that this is simply not possible as you are doing it just because of some pressure and not with your internal consent.

Again, let’s assume a different situation. You are very good at problem solving when it comes to any electrical issue in your home and you have been offered a job in your society to prepare a contingency plan for any urgent electrical issue. Will you do it with enthusiasm? Now again I am sure that you are going to do this job with highest quality.

I know that till now, you are agree with me that it is very much necessity to find your strengths and work upon increasing your skill of your expertise.

The sad part is this. Our society actually gives more credit when it comes to overcoming your shortcomings and gives your best. Why this is a sad part?

The reason of this logic is that this is actually the path of resistance. You are going in opposite direction of the flow. You are working against the nature of your own inherent quality.

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Take another example, you are living in a small town which is actually famous when it comes to producing quality tennis players and your parents also want you to join the tennis academy and learn tennis. However, you don’t like tennis as much as chess. But, when we see that others are doing something which is beneficial for many of our friends and relatives in the town as they are getting instant recognition and fame. After seeing this thing, you are spending 3 to 4 hours in the tennis academy and working very hard to get into the national team. What you think? What would have been the result….? I know that you know the answer. You are even not able to get selected for the junior team of your tiny town. So, what does this tells you?

Find your strengths and work hard to enhance your own inherent skills which are natural to you. This is the only way by which you can compete with the best in the world. This is the only way by which you can achieve best lifestyle of your own. This is the only way by which you can achieve the true happiness with success.

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