How to Achieve my Money Goal?

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Money-&-WealthI have just taken a major shift in my life when it comes to means of earning money. Till few days back, I was earning money though my corporate job with a good looking designation at a very prestigious company. Now, I have decided to earn all my income through web-services and internet marketing efforts. Here, in this situation, in order to justify this bold and courageous decision to even myself, my friends and relatives, the most important goal to achieve is to achieving monthly income goals. Hence, it was my question today to the universe, just after my meditation session. Here is the transcript of that discussion…


How to achieve my money goals?

Wow! You have asked a very important and a favorite question people ask to me every single day. You have himself done several research and studies about this subject. You have learned the law of attraction and techniques like subconscious programming. Why don’t you use those methods?

Yes! I have used them but I have to get a significant positive result as yet.

Here, you are very harsh on yourself, when you are saying that you have not received any benefit from these techniques in the past.

So, you believe that I have done the implementation of these methods and have earned money?

Yes! You have received the positive benefits of these methods in the recent past to a certain extent.

What does this mean “to an extent”?

I mean, you have no utilized the methods in their entirety and thus you have received the benefits in ratio of what you have been able to successfully implement.


Yes! You don’t believe? This is the main root cause of the issue that you don’t believe, even if you have already attracted the money in your life in the exact proportions of what you have asked with the help of these techniques.

Are they tricks and techniques?

These are the simplest words which you and others can easily understand in your daily life that is why I have used these words in our discussion.

So, what is the exact technique which I am using and what is the portion of the technique which is not being utilized by me perfectly?

Take example of law of attraction, which says… whatever you will think regularly, with an improvisation of emotions of already in possession of it, you will achieve it in your life. Here the most important aspect is emotions attached with the things you need, even if that is money.

Now Question comes, how to utilize emotions to attract money?

Focus on the things which money will bring to you when you will have an “X” amount of money, next thing is to have time frame. Here the success rate of achieving that money goal will increase if you can believe on that amount which you intend to earn in a certain time frame. If you can believe on something, you can achieve the same.

But, what if I have a goal of a very big amount as my money goal?

As I said, the important aspect is to believe on your money goal and if you have a very large amount as your money goal then you may not be able to believe on that amount coming within a short time frame.

Then what should I do?

Divide the goal into several chunks and take a specific money goal for a certain time frame, which you can believe and at the same time should be larger than you are earning right now. It is the simplest way of believing your own money goal and then achieves your money goal through repetition of the thoughts over that goal with a right blend of emotions attached with it.

How many repetitions are required?

That will depend upon your belief on the goal; if it is more stretchable then you will need more repetition than just to have 10% or 20% increase in your current income.

Remember one thing; if you can believe on an amount which you can acquire within a stipulated time frame then you can certainly achieve the same with precision. Make your schedule as per your own comfort and follow it to happen in your life. However, as all those experts in the field of law of attraction and subconscious programming say that you should certainly use the time of just after wake up and just before going to bed to your best advantage and your chances of success will be much more profound.

Best of Luck!

Image Credit:Ramnath Bhat

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