How to be consistent with my Good Habits and Efforts?

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habitsI am not consistent with the good habits and efforts which I know are required for me to achieve ultimate goal of my life. This could an obvious question of anyone, that if I know this thing then why the hell, I am not doing these good things in my daily life?

I know that this is a very good question and this was mine too. That is why, I chosen this question to be asked to the universe after my meditation session today. Here is the discussion… (Bold and italics fonts are representing my questions and words)


Why am I not consistent in all my good habits and efforts, which I know I should be putting in to make my as well as others life better, who are associated with me at present and are going to be associated in the future?

It’s a very good question; you can really applaud yourself for asking this question quite early in your lifetime. Many ask the same question at the end of their life time. The basic answer of this question is actually hidden in one’s intentions and strength of one’s intentions.

Why you have chosen this word “Intention”?

Again a very good question, I can easily use other words like in this case, your targets of life as the root cause of not being consistent instead of intention. But “intention” is a more profound and appropriate word for the answer of your question. See, the goal of your life can be good or bad and big or small for which you may be moving towards. But if your intentions are honest and you really want to do something very good and great, about your life and for other’s lives with honesty then you will certainly become regular in doing those good and great things within your daily life.

If you take your own goal of life which is quite big as per your own judgment (Which I certainly not in alignment with that, Anything in this universe big or small is just your own personal judgment and not true as this is a relative universe, where everything has its own importance in the scheme of the things of the universe), even then you are not consistent in your efforts. Why? This is because; you have not aligned your intentions with the big goal, in an appropriate manner as yet. Whenever you will be able to do this, you will become consistent with your efforts. If your intentions are in right directions, you will feel more energized and you will feel charged after doing the things which you know should be doing regularly.

But many people do the things regularly without any intentions attached to it?

Yes! You are right again but they all do just because of fear. Fear, that they will lose things like power and income. This fear actually forces them to do the things regularly. Even though, they don’t want to do it. If you ask them personally, they will reveal this truth.

In your case, your intentions are right; you want to be good for your plant and humanity. However as of today, your intensity of intentions are still not very charged and that is why you feel that even if you don’t do anything which internally feel should be done, you don’t simply do it.

I have an excuse though!

I know, you always crib about time, you feel you don’t have enough time. See, this is the only thing which even universe will not be able to provide you, even if the universe wanted to give you. There is no other way than to find a better way to utilize your time, if you really want to find time for all important tasks you want to do in your daily life. I will suggest you to make a daily list of actions you normally do forcefully and a second list which you really want to do, all because of your good intentions and prioritize both the lists with the goal of your last day.

What is goal of the last day?

Goal of the last day is actually the words, which you want to hear for yourself, when you will not be present in the physical form in this planet right when your last rituals would be happening. Compare all the habits with this last day goal, if these habits are moving in the right directions, then you will certainly do it on priority or else you may still be doing the things but those things will be related with money, power and things like fear.

But Money and fear is the most important factors related with the present life, how can you ignore those?

Yes! I know that they are important until you are clear about your last day goals. If you are wise, you know what is important by now.

I know that but what about this life? How can I ignore money and fear in the present life time?

See, Even if you cannot ignore it, you have to learn to deal with it, considering the last day goal of your life and its emotional experience. Which I am sure you will want to be as good as it could be. If you can trust the grand scheme of the things, universe will take very good care of yourself when you will make yourself busy in doing good things. Here, you need to believe the universal system and you can give it a good try for few days by yourself.

Ok, I will try my best to go through each and every aspect of this discussion. You know that I am now getting the concept of what you are just explaining i.e. follow my heart; I will do the things from now onwards considering the last day of my life. I agree that this will certainly give the entirely new and logical meaning to my life and motivation to do good things regularly. Thanks again.

Image Credit: Celestine Chua

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