How To Speak Effectively?

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I have always had this aspiration of being a good leader. Through various search online on becoming a good leader, what I was quickly understood is that a good leader need to have a great communication skills with him or her.

Since then, I started to search the resources which can help me for becoming a good communicator myself. In this pursuit of searching good resource on this subject, I found this special report published by “Dale Carnegie Training”.

Here is the link for that original report.

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I find it as the most useful report on the public speaking than anything else I have ever read.

But in case, you have time constraints and don’t want to invest your half an hour to read this report. Then read here, I will share my understanding in this short article.

We all have different experiences in our life. We all have come from different ethnic and national backgrounds of our own. This is what makes us so different. No one in the history has ever been like us and nor will be there in the future as well.

This uniqueness gives us unique opportunity to share our own experiences, thoughts and understanding for any given issue of our surroundings. This uniqueness makes us so special when it comes to become a good public speaker.

The key here is to share something which we have earned the right to share. Something which we have gone though in our own life with deep emotional feelings attached with it. This is what we can call a natural state. Anything said in that state will be remembered by your audience even after 20 years.

One sad example is of my own story when I lost my mother after a long suffering of cancer treatment by her of more than 5 years. I have seen the trauma and the pain which she was going through during the treatment. When I will share this feeling with you, it is coming very natural from me as I can tell you, how painful is that experience from being diagnosed to when doctors advised us to just wait to see her. I am sure you are going to feel my pain too.

Above example is good enough to prove that anything told from your heart and soul will certainly be heard by your audience. They will remember you, even after a very long time.

Some important points to become good at  are as follows:

  • Talk about something which you have earned the right to share, something which you have experienced very passionately in your own life.
  • Add some examples to your conversation from your own life experiences or someone you closely know.
  • Don’t ever try to remember a topic; this will elude the whole meaning of your communication as your audience will easily detect the difference.
  • You can rehearse and grab some useful questions and answers by conversing with your friends and family members who are close to you.
  • The last but certainly but not the least, “Be yourself” and remember that you are the only one in this universe, you are unique.

Public Speaking Code
The Public Speaking Code For People That Fear Or Just Not Good At Public Speaking.
Public Speaking Code

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