What I Receive from My Meditation Sessions?

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I do meditation every day for about 20 minutes a day. There are several meditation types, which I am not going to discuss here right now in this post. Here, I want to share my own feelings and experiences after doing regular mediation for about close to 2 years.

This website is actually an outcome of a meditation session only. In-between or usually at the end of the session, I usually find myself getting some divine inspiration from some divine power. It usually comes as a suggestion for solving my current problem or an idea for doing something worthy in my life. I feel sharing my spiritual outcomes and the results are certainly going to inspire many of you to gain more out of this life.

My spiritual journey started in somewhere in year 2000, when I started to do job. Within a year, I found that, doing job for someone else is not a good idea for me. As in a job, you need to listen to your boss or you need to be dependent on your colleague or your subordinates for your own success, Which in my view was a waste of time as it was beyond my inner acceptance of my human existence.

You may ask! What is the issue as it happens to everybody?

Yes! You are right. It usually happens to everybody else but I was different and asked myself to work on financial freedom which will enable me to live my life to fullest. Then I will be able to express myself in this life with my deepest level of existence. Then I found that my ultimate goal is to become financially free.

Then the subsequent questions!

How am I going to achieve this goal?

I was aware that many actions are required; one very important aspect was self control. I strongly believe that everyone is aware of his or her weaknesses and I was too aware that this was my weakness. I wanted to work on this aspect first. My aim was that external environment and circumstances should not be able to touch me in anyway. The only answer I found after a bit search is meditation. I started to learn many meditation types. Being in India, I could easily find any guru who could have told me a perfect way of doing meditation. However, this was again against my deepest beliefs that I can’t let one other being to order me to do anything. I even joined many organizations run by very famous guru’s and learned many mediation techniques, but could not do any sort of justice to any of them. After several trials and errors, I perfected one system for me which I feel, I found in a book. But again I was not very sincere about it.

Then I got struck with a serious problem in my life, it was related to an issue where I was involved in a miss happening to one of my co-worker. I was in huge shock and guilt. How can I do that, although I was also aware that it was just a human error but somehow I was not able to forgive myself? This incident got me on my knees. What I found that It was necessary to do mediation otherwise I would have collapsed. I must say that in those days, mediation duration was the only time when I was feeling relaxed and finding myself getting divine bless as well as bliss for some time. These incidents have changed me a lot. Now I do regular meditation. I am confident that these sessions have helped me a lot not only terms of getting divine help, inspiration and suggestions to achieve my life’s goal but also helped in keeping my body out of any sudden illness like cough and cold as well as body pain, which was evident in the age of only 29 at that time.

Now, I have found myself uplifted spiritually in comparison to 2 years back and in somewhat better situation when I encounter any discomfort in my daily life. I have not achieved my goal of financial freedom as yet, however it is also important to note that my enthusiasm of achieving my goal has also not diminished. I am sure mediation has helped me in this aspect as well.

Through this blog, I am sure I will be able to help some of you to change your life’s own perspective.

May god bless you to achieve your divinity?

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