How to know if my goal of life is good or not?

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Goals of Life

If you are reading these words, then I am very sure about one thing, You are a self-motivated person who have an honest goal of your life but not very sure whether those goals are worthy and fruitful for you or even for society or not.

This is the same question, today I asked from the universe after my meditation session. You can read the answer right from the universe itself. (Questions are in Italics and were my words)


How to know if my goal is good and worthy for me and for humanity?

The ultimate goal at this point in time in the history of humanity is to reach up to a level where everybody is aware of the great aspects and qualities of being a human.

If you can do the things with this ultimate reality within your eyesight then you can achieve ultimate success which will automatically draw wealth & power and most of all happiness.

Oh, that is why everybody is in the business of self-help industry and making huge amounts of money?

See, Everywhere there are two types of people. That is now truer in the age of humanity than ever. One, who actually wants to do the changes in their own world as well as want to bring changes in other’s world through their honest acts and sharing their good learning’s with the world. There are other people as well, who are just here to earn money through so called self-help business. However, those who are here, just to do business are not able to create an impact on the masses and are certainly will not able to bring any significant change in the world.

However, even though their intentions are not pure, they are able to earn money and reward because they are still spreading the message of the universe of being good and become a better human being. The people who do this job with good and honest intentions, earn beyond their imagination, enjoy satisfaction, success, power as well as happiness and most of all, a long lasting change within the society. Believe me, this is one of the most important reasons why a human being is here in this world.

You all have a very limited time in this world within this birth time. As you have always saw in your world, the person who optimizes their resources in a better way to attain a goal in the physical world, always get a better reward and results. Here in this case of your life itself, your resources are your life time and efforts of your own body structure. If you can optimize these resources to attain the ultimate goal of moving your humanity forward then rest assure that you are aligned with the ultimate goal of the universe for which you have come here in this world and in the same ratio with which you have optimized your resources to do this ultimate job, you will be rewarded back for your efforts and good work by the universe itself.

For example, you can take the words and deeds of Steve Jobs. Whatever he has done in his life time was always with a motive of moving the whole humanity forward with all his products, words and work. You can see yourself, how he has impacted the world and in the same way you can also see how much he has been rewarded back by the universe for his work, because his work was totally aligned with the job of universe of moving humanity forward and wants to achieve these goals through you. He was rewarded with money, fame, power and most of all satisfaction with work he has done in his lifetime. Now, today in your time, he may not be available in the physical world; But He is a role model for thousands of young as well as old man and women on this planet.

So, if you can just take this one example in a good light then you will be able to derive the essence of this discussion, that if someone can move forward this humanity in the right direction then he will be rewarded back for his good job with money, satisfaction and above all, a name which will be there in the world even after his non-existence as a physical being.

Wow! What an explanation of a perfect goal for a human being! But what precautions we can take to know, if we are aligned and not only want to make money out of this and may not be careful about the good of the society as such?

See! There is a failsafe in the system itself. If you are not a person who is spreading the message of humanity without the real intention of spreading the good aspects of life in the world, then you will not be able to vibrate the positivity in the world and then after some time, either you will leave the job of this kind which is being done just for profit or the people who are with them will guide him to do this job in a productive and honest way. So, you will become successful in your goal of life only if you are doing job of spreading message of humanity with good and honest intention.

The best thing is, if you have only a small intention like this of doing good things in life through your ultimate goal then the whole universe and its positive powers will back you in doing so. You can easily imagine that with this backing even small efforts can result a giant movement on your planet. Any big and great goals of life cannot be achieved if universe is not aligned with your efforts.

Now days, I hear one statement regularly that the present time is witnessing a shift of the humanity to a positive era. Is this true?

Yes…For sure! You can easily see this aspect in your world today. People are just eliminating governments from their roots, if they find that they are not working with good intentions for humanity. There are more movements, agitations in this world at present than ever. In all corners of the world, you can see the rising numbers of gurus in all areas of life. Number of self-help resources, inclination towards meditation, yoga, tie-chi and many other great techniques and processes are again now being practiced by increasing numbers of men and women than ever. These all aspects of human evolution again indicating one thing and that is humanity on your planet has taken a significant shift within last 100 years and the speed has dramatically increased with the help of instant spread of good and positive aspects and messages across the planet.

So, my message here is that keep doing the good work. Try to be as regular as possible with the communication with me. This is going to help not only you, in reality I am responding to the answers of many people around the world who are just asking the same questions and need the answers which you have just received.

Good Luck!

Thank You Universe for selecting me as the mode of communication. I am not so sure at this point in time whether I will be able to be regular with this communication on a daily basis. All I can say is that my intentions are always there but I don’t really know why I am not able to come here regularly. May be in next communication, I will find the answer of this question too…Thanks.

Image Credit: Robert degennaro

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