Lessons from Universe on Perseverance – Day-3

When I look back and see today's discussion with universe, you might feel its actually a borrowed text from a moral science book (on the subject of "Perseverance" and its usefulness in our own life). Which is certainly not, for some one who is reading these words for the first time


When I look back and see today’s discussion with universe, you might feel its actually a borrowed text from a moral science book (on the subject of “Perseverance” and its usefulness in our own life). Which is certainly not, for some one who is reading these words for the first time. Let me introduce that these text below, which I call as discussions with universe are something which i am having during some sort of meditation session. The only difference is that I write those discussions as and when they happen to me.

So, here it is….


Universe: So, how you are feeling today?

Me: You know that, I am feeling normal but not as comfortable as I was yesterday.

Universe: Do you know why? Any reason?

Me: I don’t know.

Universe: Can you please dis down a bit to know more about today’s feeling?

Me: As you are telling me to focus on the reasons, I am getting an insight that because my efforts on marketing of my WordPress Services have not given me the results I wanted to taste by this time.

Universe: Do you know, Why?

Me: No, I don’t know.

Universe: Do you want to know?

Me: Yes, Most certainly.

Universe: The simple answer will be that this is very normal that the effort which you are putting, normally don’t result in fruits in a single day’s work.

Me: OK.

Universe: You have always had this knowledge about perseverance and you have been suggested many things about this particular word “Perseverance” in many books. Now, It’s your chance to taste all your knowledge about it. Keep doing what you are doing and one fine day, you will find that suddenly you have more clients than you can handle.

Me: Really?

Universe: I am always real. Have a clear cut plan, Allot specific time to complete it on a regular basis and blindly follow it without giving any other thought about it. Even if you don’t believe on these words or suggestions from me. Just follow it for next 21 days to prove it wrong. If it becomes wrong, your doubts will become winners, then you are free to change your plans.

Me: Ok. But you know that I don’t have much of time to taste out each and every activity and then every idea if I failed at for every 21 days.

Universe: Please understand that to prove a though or principle of life, first you need to use it and experience it, whether that formula or idea is right or wrong. I will give an example. When first time you fallen from a certain height then you understood the power and principle of gravity and it’s impact on your own body. First time, you didn’t understood the height concept, you get ahead and fallen down, got hurt. This actually once happened to you, may be you were so small to understand those terminologies which I have just used or analyzed those principle with such a detail.

Now as you are trying to apply the principle or you can say concept of Perseverance to your current goals and methods of marketing. You need to taste it out and keep patience to see whether this principle or concept of perseverance is right or wrong. You will experience the end result of trying out this concept either by falling short of keeping yourself doing the same thing for certain period of time or by doing the same good thing which you have decided to do for a certain period of time and see by yourself , whether it is working for you or not.

When you were child, you didn’t have that ability of analysis but now you have something called logical mind with yourself with which you can choose and decide not to fall short of the principle of perseverance and see the results by yourself. All I can say at this point in time that perseverance is another such a great concept of life which can not be experienced without actually testing it out by yourself. Go ahead an try it out for at-least 21 days after creating your concrete plan of action. Please treat it as minimum

Me: Why such a number of 21 days? I always heard of these 21 days.

Universe: This number have been derived by many of scholars and researchers, when it comes to creation of a permanent habit.

Me: So, you are referring me to their number, which they have found in their research.

Universe: They are not different than me.

Me: Ok. Got your point

Universe: But again, first make a concrete action plan and then follow it religiously.

Me: I will certainly do that and give my best to try out this principle of perseverance.

Universe: Best of Luck!

Me: Thank you!

Universe: Should I tell my family members about these sort of discussions which I am having with you?

Me: No

Universe: Why?

Me: First, taste it out by yourself with some results then your firm belief and then given guidance will help them in a much profound way than if you share it today.

Me: OK, I will wait. I will leave now…

Universe: OK and keep doing the good work which you are doing. Just have a strong belief in whatever you are doing is the best and then people will follow your belief and will help you in reaching your goals in whatever extent they can. If it is by being your client, they will do it too.

Me: OK, Sure. Bye.


Wow…Thanks for such an inspired discussion. If you are reading till here, I just want to tell you that I have never been good in writing and specially writing such a long writeup. This is the first time, This is happening with me. When I am saying that this is happening to me then believe me, I am right. Because, I can’t believe myself that I can write such a write-up without help of someone very kind to me.

Thanks for reading.


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