My Conversation with God, I am Still Amazed in Disbelief – Day-2


This was my second day when I put my effort to create a dialogue with the universe. Now, I can easily say that Day-2 experience seems more authentic than the Day-1.

Here you go…My Conversation with the universe…


Actually, Today’s communication started by the universe itself.

Universe. How are you feeling?

Me. You know that, I am feeling great and light. I feel really good to know that I am talking with you.

Universe. Yes, I have send my coach as messenger to remind you that the discussion which is happening between us is real and in reality I talk with everyone and It is a natural not abnormal. Like your coach, you are special too. Rather everybody is special for me, the only difference is that who want to do discussion with me.

Me. Thank you. Am I on the right path?

Universe. Yes, you are! Don’t you know that? I know that your feelings are already reminding you this fact that you are on the right path.

Me. My Coach, asked me, not to think about the goal as of now.

Universe. Yes! That’s a good suggestion for you as you tend to think a lot, which you should not. You already have a clear cut objective, a very clear service which you are offering, a very clear platform through which you can provide your services to your clients. You are very clear in almost all aspects of being successful. Many a times, you just distract yourself by thinking extra or by doing extra.

Me. Yes! I know.

Universe. Just believe in your offerings and get ahead. You will get your due success very easily. As we are discussing, I have already given you a very good idea to bring your new site at the forefront of your customers.

Me. Yes! Thanks for that. I will make changes to my twitter profile by today only.

Universe. Yes! Do that and Enjoy.

Me. Thanks! Should I close this conversation now? Even I am asking this question….I know that I don’t want to end this discussion ever.

Universe. Do you know why? Through me, You are actually connected to your true-self, which already know each and everything about life and it’s hidden aspects of it. As you are an eternal being. Even though you know, you always wonder how it happened or how it will happen and in reality always in doubt over your own abilities.

Me. Thanks for reminding me.

Universe. By the way…Congratulations on your first good article for your new site.

Me. Oh, really thanks.

Universe. Yes! It is a good article and you will get many subscribers and visitors to your website, just because of that good article. Just keep promoting that article.

Me. Thanks for your encouragement. But you know, this is amazing.


Me. I can’t believe that I am talking with you. I only thought that someone like Neale Donald Walch can talk to you.

Universe. Actually that book came to your life to make you believe that such kind of communication is possible and now you are more convinced that this type of communication is possible and in reality is happening with you.

Me. Yes! I feel myself more relieved after the realization that I am in communication with you.

Universe. In reality, everybody is connected with me. This is just the game of awareness.

Q. Should I write this in blog?

Universe. Yes! You can …Rather you should. Everybody in his or her own lifetime should realize that he or she is connected with the supreme power. This fact is so fundamental and basic aspect about living life on earth, yet so many of them never realize this aspect of living his or her life.

Me. I feel blessed, Thank you.

Universe. Don’t say thank you. In reality, this is your birth right but somehow the majority in today’s society don’t realize this evolved level of living their own life.

Me. I will leave now.

Universe. You can’t leave me, just stop writing now for today. However, keep writing any inspired answer from the unseen and you will be fine.

Me. OK, Sure.

Universe. And never feel yourself alone, I am there with you always. We will discuss other things together tomorrow again.

Me. Sure.


So, This was my second day of conversation. I assume that i will continue to be connected and I will continue to share my own insights which in my opinion remembering again from the state of forgetfulness.

Thanks for reading!

You can read other write-ups of this series of discussions at following link:


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