Do You Need Personal Freedom? What are the Limiting Factors for Personal Freedom?

personal freedom

Now, I will not ask this question again about your desire for personal freedom. I am sure that we all want to enjoy personal freedom and want to live flexible life. However, the sad part of the life is that we normally feel that it is unachievable. But i can happily say this to you … Read more

What is Isha Kriya? – An Introduction and My Experience!

What is Isha Kriya? – as stated by the website created by the Isha foundation¬† itself. Isha kriya is an Internal action which has been created by the Sadhguru to help an individual get in touch with the source of his existence. Sadhguru is a well known and a respected spiritual master a yogi from … Read more

What I Receive from My Meditation Sessions?

I do meditation every day for about 20 minutes a day. There are several meditation types, which I am not going to discuss here right now in this post. Here, I want to share my own feelings and experiences after doing regular mediation for about close to 2 years. This website is actually an outcome … Read more