Interesting Experiences!

My Conversation with God, I am Still Amazed in Disbelief – Day-2

Hi again, This was my second day when I put my effort to create a dialogue with the universe. Now, I can easily say that Day-2 experience seems more authentic than the Day-1. Here you go...My Conversation with the … [Read More...]

My Conversation with God, I am Still Amazed in Disbelief -Day-1

Hi, Today I want to start a totally new chapter in my blogging life. Totally true and original by myself. No search engine optimization, no promotion just facts about my life and my own conversation with God. You would be thinking, I have … [Read More...]


What is Panic Attack?

Photo Credit I just found that my wife was suffering through panic attack and neither she nor I was even aware that the symptoms which were present actually related with panic attacks. So, What is Panic Attack? In my search of panic attack causes … [Read More...]


Today I need Persistence But Why?

While I am trying my very best to get rid of the rat race of my 9 to 5 day job, It is important for me to be persistent with the efforts which I am putting to be able to achieve true success and become personally free. Why I started to write this … [Read More...]

Strength Finder

Is it necessary to find your strengths?

Do you know that you devote much more time to cure your own shortcomings than your own strengths? I am sure that if you give some thought on this question then you will ultimately agree with me that yes, you spent much more energy and focus on … [Read More...]

personal freedom

Do You Need Personal Freedom? What are the Limiting Factors for Personal Freedom?

Now, I will not ask this question again about your desire for personal freedom. I am sure that we all want to enjoy personal freedom and want to live flexible life. However, the sad part of the life is that we normally feel that it is unachievable. … [Read More...]


What is Isha Kriya? – An Introduction and My Experience!

What is Isha Kriya? - as stated by the website created by the Isha foundation  itself. Isha kriya is an Internal action which has been created by the Sadhguru to help an individual get in touch with the source of his existence. Sadhguru is a … [Read More...]


Be The Source!

What does it mean? "Be The Source"? Today I was watching the video shared on YouTube where one of my favorite writer "Neale Donald Walsch" sharing his wisdom. He said one thing which literally hit my head with lots of relief with my current … [Read More...]


How to Choose Your Response in Your Day to Day Life Situations?

Have you ever found that you don't know about your reaction or response to a particular situation of your life. I am sure, you have already be in that situation many times over. However, you will be happy to know the method which I apply in answering … [Read More...]


A Video Over 10 Things Authentic Leader Do

If you are looking for a great video to enhance your leadership skills then I recommend to watch this video as this is going to have a big impact on your overall though process regarding 'Leadership" as such. … [Read More...]