How to Achieve my Money Goal?

I have just taken a major shift in my life when it comes to means of earning money. Till few days back, I was earning money though my corporate job with a good looking designation at a very prestigious company. Now, I have decided to earn all my income through web-services and internet marketing efforts. […]

How to be consistent with my Good Habits and Efforts?

I am not consistent with the good habits and efforts which I know are required for me to achieve ultimate goal of my life. This could an obvious question of anyone, that if I know this thing then why the hell, I am not doing these good things in my daily life? I know that […]

How to know if my goal of life is good or not?

If you are reading these words, then I am very sure about one thing, You are a self-motivated person who have an honest goal of your life but not very sure whether those goals are worthy and fruitful for you or even for society or not. This is the same question, today I asked from […]

Why Am I Finding it difficult to focus in my life?

I do have a big goal for myself and want to really achieve it. But, honestly…The effort which I can put in to achieve is missing…Why this is so? I don’t know. Is this thing happen to everyone? I also know that what are the things which are important to do to achieve my goals. […]