How to be consistent with my Good Habits and Efforts?

I am not consistent with the good habits and efforts which I know are required for me to achieve ultimate goal of my life. This could an obvious question of anyone, that if I know this thing then why the hell, I am not doing these good things in my daily life? I know that […]

Today I need Persistence But Why?

While I am trying my very best to get rid of the rat race of my 9 to 5 day job, It is important for me to be persistent with the efforts which I am putting to be able to achieve true success and become personally free. Why I started to write this article? The […]

Is it necessary to find your strengths?

Strength Finder

Do you know that you devote much more time to cure your own shortcomings than your own strengths? I am sure that if you give some thought on this question then you will ultimately agree with me that yes, you spent much more energy and focus on your shortcomings than the strengthening of your inherent […]

Be The Source!

What does it mean? “Be The Source”? Today I was watching the video shared on YouTube where one of my favorite writer “Neale Donald Walsch” sharing his wisdom. He said one thing which literally hit my head with lots of relief with my current emotional imbalance through which I was going through. What was those magical […]